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BlueGrid turns marine vessels into virtual power plants for utility grade energy storage

We work at the convergence of two net zero megatrends


Electric Marine Transportation

The global fishing fleet alone emits the same amount of GHG as 45 million cars.

Near shore marine vessels are going electric. International standards, national regulations, and customer demand are creating ambitious green requirements.

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Net Zero Electricity Grids

The power and utility sector is responsible for 35% of all emissions globally.

Getting to net zero targets requires widespread adoption of intermittent renewables like wind and solar – and massive amounts of energy storage.

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vessel with wind power farm in background


What is Vessel-to-Grid and how does it solve the problem?

Vessel-to-grid is a revolutionary technology that allows electric boats to not only consume power but also feed power back into the grid. Electric boats are connected bidirectionally to the grid, allowing them to charge their batteries when power is greener and inexpensive, and then feed that power back into the electric grid when demand is high.

  • Vessel operators gain financially when tied to the dock
  • Electric grid can take on more renewables like solar and wind
  • Grids need less dedicated energy storage
  • Path to net zero is more affordable

BlueGrid Operations unlocks the value of vessel-to-grid

BlueGrid technology makes it possible for electric vessels to be virtual power plants for the electric grid. It turns many electric vessels, built by many different manufacturers, being used at different times, into utility grade energy storage.

The BlueGrid Operations service has the data and intelligence to aggregate and optimize vessels’ batteries into reliable and scalable grid energy storage.

BlueGrid Insights charts the path to net zero

The move from fossil fuels to green energy needs to be as informed as it is urgent. Our Insights services provide the data and analysis to accelerate your transition.

  • Vessel Insights – Energy and voyage data and analysis to inform vessel electrification decisions and design
  • Grid Insights – Vessel-to-grid data and analysis to inform infrastructure, operations and value
Working with BlueGrid



Reduces reliance on fossil fuels

Creates sustainable path to net zero future

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Reduces grid need for stationary batteries

Lowers cost and environmental impact to transition

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Accelerates adoption of electric vessels

Reduces total cost of ownership for electric vessel owners

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Adds energy resiliency for communities

Enables intelligent local storage and use of electricity

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