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BlueGrid creates a financially-rewarding common path for electric grids and vessel owners to get to net zero

To get to net zero the electricity grid globally will need over 15 terawatt-hours of energy storage to be able to transition to intermittent renewable sources like wind and solar.

In parallel, near-shore vessels around the world going electric-first will result in terawatt-hours of batteries on vessels that are frequently tied to a wharf.

BlueGrid addresses this collective multi-trillion dollar challenge by turning electric marine vessels into virtual power plants for utility grade energy storage. BlueGrid brings the intelligence and capability to make vessel-to-grid work optimally to allow electric boats to not only consume power smartly but also feed power back into the grid when needed without impacting vessel operations.

BlueGrid brings marine and grid together


Operational Platform

The BlueGrid platform makes it possible to for many electric vessels, built by many different manufacturers, being used at different times, to be used as utility grade energy storage.

Data & Models

Aggregating and optimizing marine vessel batteries for grid use is a big data challenge. BlueGrid uses vessels, charger and grid data to inform real-time and predictive energy and storage models.

Pioneering Relationships

BlueGrid has industry-leading partnerships spanning the marine and grid sectors required to make vessel-to-grid successful technically and commercially.


BlueGrid Operations

BlueGrid Operations makes vessel-to-grid work. technology makes it possible for electric vessels to be virtual power plants for the electric grid. The BlueGrid Operations service has the data and intelligence to aggregate and optimize vessels’ batteries into reliable and scalable grid energy storage.

BlueGrid Vessel Insights

Vessel Insights accelerates the vessel transition to electric first. The data-driven analysis of voyage and energy profiles of existing carbon-powered vessels informs vessel electrification decisions and design parameters for vessel owners, naval architects, and boat builders.

BlueGrid Grid Insights

Grid Insights accelerates the grid capacity to support bidirectional marine charging. The data-driven analysis provides key parameters of anticipated marine bidirectional charging for electricity infrastructure planning and operations.

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BlueGrid for Vessels and Grids

See how BlueGrid can accelerate your green energy transition.

BlueGrid’s vessel-to-grid technology creates a common path for electric grid and vessel operators to work and benefit together. However key aspects of the challenge and transition for each are different. Learn how BlueGrid can help with each.

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BlueGrid Solutions

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