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Charting the Future of Marine Electrification and Charging Infrastructure: A Multi-Perspective Panel

Our COO, Trevor Hennigar will be participating in “Charting the Future of Marine Electrification and Charging Infrastructure: A Multi-Perspective Panel” at DISTRIBUTECH International®.

This session brings together experts from Nova Scotia Power and DTE to examine the evolving landscape of sustainable transportation. By delving into the latest advancements in electrification technologies, including vessel-to-grid solutions and in-road charging plus the significance of medium-voltage charging equipment in building robust charging networks, this panel offers a comprehensive understanding of the path towards a more sustainable future in transportation.

Trevor is the COO of Rimot. Trevor has over a decade of technical and executive leadership experience including holding critical roles in the development, engineering, procurement, construction and management of utility scale wind power projects. 

Subsequently, Trevor was the President of an asset management company that held controlling and non-controlling positions in a variety of private and publically traded enterprises that spanned multiple industries. He provided strategic direction and oversight of mergers and acquisitions, resourcing of critical roles, corporate finance, capital allocation and business planning.

Since joining Rimot in 2020, Trevor has been instrumental in the development of BlueGrid, a suite of novel vessel-to-grid business and software service offerings that unlock the full value of batteries onboard marine vessels for the benefit of vessel owners and electricity grids alike. He also plays a critical role in transformational projects that leverage BlueGrid to accelerate the transition of both electricity grids and vessel fleets to zero emissions.

Trevor holds a mechanical engineering degree from Dalhousie University and an MBA from Queen’s University. He has been an avid participant in the Creative Destruction Lab-Atlantic and has a life-long passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the pursuit of ‘electrify everything’.