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Electric Propulsion and Bi-Directional Charging Opportunities in Fishing

Oceans North, Allswater, and Rimot will present findings from the recent Nova Scotia Lobster Fleet Electrification Assessment, as well as learnings to-date on building Canada’s first electric lobster boat and bi-directional charger.

Date: 31st January 2024
Time: 8-9am (Pacific Time)/5-6pm (Central Europe)

Speakers and program

Brent Dancey, Director of Marine Climate Action at Oceans North

Main findings of the Nova Scotia Lobster Vessel Electrification assessment (10min)

– Battery electric and fuel cell hybrid electric propulsion

– Electrification opportunity for Nova Scotia Lobster fleet

James Craig, Chief Technical Officer at Rimot

Bi-directional charging and cost considerations from the Nova Scotia Lobster Vessel Electrification Assessment (10min)

– Cost considerations of electric vs diesel

– Bi-directional charging opportunity, including financial results

Rob Crutcher, Principal, President at Allswater

Membertou Lektrike’l Walipotl Electric Boat project (10 min)

– High-level project overview (data-approach to designing boat and charger)

– Potential scale-up opportunity